MVPrysm, a Memeland sub-community, is recruiting Full Crew members (aka holders with 1 Captainz & 3 Potatoz) to build Super Crews together in the Memeland ecosystem.

What are Super Crews?

Super Crews are 9 Captainz questing together with 1 MVP and 27 Potatoz. They provide benefits such as only Extraordinary and above maps with higher rarity rates and guaranteed potion drop, each week. Potions attached to MVP and transferrable later (probably).

Benefits of joining MVPrysm Super Crews

MVP Quest Boost

Guaranteed Extraordinary & above rarity MAPS

Weekly Potion Raffle

Chance to win an extra Potion. Two (2) raffles every week. One (1) bonus raffle every month for those who a) never win any potion raffle & b) joins MVPrysm for at least 28 days

$MEME Fire Sale AllowList

Bonus AL (guaranteed) slot for $MEME coin pre-sale.

$MEME Staking Boost

TBC (more info. soon)

Current MVPrysm assets under management

Super Crews
ETH assets

How to join?

At least 1x Full Crew (1x Captainz + 3x Potatoz)

  • Join MVPrysm Discord server
  • Open a ticket
  • After confirmation, transfer the Full Crew to the designated MVPrysm community vault

How to leave?

You can withdraw at anytime

  • Open a ticket in MVPrysm Discord server.
  • User needs to cover gas fees required for transfer
  • Assets will be sent back within 7 days (Ensure the Super Crew completes a full potion cycle)
  • Note: 0.1 ETH admin fees if the user withdraws within 28 days of joining

How safe is MVPrysm?

  • Doxxed founders - Live raffle weekly on the Discord server
  • Lore protocol is used as a platform to create a community vault and avoid fraud
  • Multisig wallet setup with 2-of-3 approval via founders' hardware wallet

About us

From the community that brought you Memeland comes MVPrysm, a sub-community co-founded by 3 Day 1 MVPs. Full Crews joining enjoys not only MVP boosting (aka no Special Maps) but also Weekly Potion Raffles.

When we started MVPrysm in 2023 March, we were nobody, and we knew nothing. We formed 5 Super Crews since May, raffling over 20+ Potions, giving away Discord Nitro, PS5, and also referral bonus in USDT, and never stopped shipping. We are still nobody, but MVPrysm has become the biggest sub-community formed the most numbers of Super Crews in Memeland. We are now getting ready for $MEME Firesale that is going to happen in Summer.

Today, we want to invite you to know more about us, join us and build our community together. We like to under-promise and over-deliver. We don't know how big Memeland and MVPrysm will become, but we promise we will give our best.


The Leader

  • Led Raymond & Boris to mint MVP
  • Most ideas come from his big brain
  • Memeland Asia Australia Representative

The King Of The Kaiju

  • Well-known and reputed in KaijuKingz
  • Prominent Kaiju holders vouched for him
  • Joins most of the Hong Kong meetings

The Life-long Gooner

  • The co-host of HKFPL - Youtube channel
  • Live with camera every week sharing Fantasy Premier League news

“Win in Memeland. Win big in MVPrysm.”

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